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  Happy Water

Purify | Re-energize  |  Re-vitalize |  Re-mineralize & Alkalize

hen water and salt in their exceptional, pristine
unite, an entirely new dimension is created:
a higher
form of energy with a natural ability to
balance the
energy levels of the body
- Dr Barabara Hendel in Water and Salt, The Essence of Life

Happy Water Concentrate is sold through selected health stores, yoga studios, pharmacies and online at a recommended retail price of R120 for a 500ml bottle (makes approx 125L of living water).

You can buy Happy Water online at:

Contact us by email or call us on (011) 614 5822 for details of your nearest outlet. 

Restaurants and members of the hospitality sector who would like to stock bottled happywater - available in 750ml, 500ml and 250ml glass bottles (still and sparkling) - please contact Danielle Slieff ( on 072 100 4315.

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